George Effanga

George Effanga has almost 10 years quality experience in management, out of which, a sizeable period has been put into managing Start-ups. A few of his core areas are, Business Negotiation, Petroleum Marketing Psychology, Risk Analysis, Project Governance and Project Management Office. Interestingly, with an undergraduate and postgraduate educational background in physics, he spends most of his private time in research – using tools in physics to study the dynamical behaviour of economic and financial systems, designing and implementing controllers for the systems, with a view to providing information for effective macroeconomic policy formulation. He was a Management Consultant with Exquisite Global International Consult before he joined Nigeria Investment Gateway (NIG) as a Senior Executive Consultant. He has risen through the ranks and is currently a General Manager in NIG. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Loan & Risk Management as well as Petroleum Products Marketing Professionals Nigeria.