Tony Factor

Commercial Finance Broker at Commercial Finance Network

The VF Group is a holding company consisting of closely aligned businesses that help organisations to move and change. Values are at the very heart of our culture and all of our people embrace our values. VF stands for Values First which represents who we are, the talent we recruit, how we would like our suppliers and partners to act and the customers with whom we’d ideally like to align ourselves.

We love what we do and we have a lot of fun doing it. May that never change!

Not humble I know, but I have just been awarded Business Person of the Year at the 2016 Thames Gateway Business Awards, and Function was awarded Medium Business of the Year!

It was a wonderful tribute to the company we started 15 years ago as a specialised provider of relocation services to commercial customers. We have expanded hugely since then, both in size and in terms of offering to now provide a wealth of services which are ultimately all about workplace change whether it’s creating fantastic new spaces through Eden or making sure people are relocated by Function on time every time and no one can ever use the move as an excuse for not being fully productive on the first day in their new workspace.

Having successfully led the business strategy, commercial operations and senior management mentoring of a B2B organisation for many years now, I’ve stepped back from the day to day transactional activities as that is carried out by people far better at it then I am. In turn, I’m in that priviledged position of having some time to devote to helping other organisations. I would love the opportunity to provide my expertise to other small-to-medium organisations with ambitious growth plans.